How to fund a startup

Venture funding works like gears. A typical startup goes through several rounds of funding, and at each round you want to take just enough money to reach the speed where you can shift into the next gear.

Samples & Templates

Find multiple templates and examples of financial related documents

A case study of early-stage funding

For many entrepreneurs, especially first-time founders, raising outside capital can be daunting. Between all of the new vocabulary — like “term sheets,” “capitalization tables,” “pro rata” and different valuation metrics — and the very real legal implications of ...

Determining your target VC check size

How founders can rationally determine their ideal number of participating investors and what size checks to seek.

Pre-seed fundraising reveals shifting VC expectations

After reviewing thousands of early-stage pitch decks, DocSend has discovered nine key factors, from words per page to how companies present their financials, that make pitch decks successful in terms of being more likely to get investors' attention and raise money.

Six things you must do to raise money

This post has some basic advice on how to plan your raise before you hit the road. Many points will seem obvious, but since I observe many fundraising processes as a VC I can tell you that most people get even the basics wrong.

How I turned a cold email into $2.5M

Everything you’ve read has probably told you that to get a meeting with a VC you need to get an introduction. This is only partly true. An intro is going to increase your odds tremendously but what if you can’t get an intro?


There has probably been more capital looking to invest in private technology companies in the past five years than any five-year period before. An obvious consequence of this increased supply is that company valuations (i.e. prices) have gone up, and so has the amount of capital raised by most companies.


Advice on raising funds as a woman of colour

Despite undeniable progress in recent years, the fact remains: Being a woman founder comes with its fair share of challenges.

Whether it’s struggling to secure capital, gain investors’ trust, or finding sustainable ways to navigate the male-dominated world of business with their heads held high

A seed raise by the numbers

This is the article I wish I could have read when setting out to start my company, Parabol. Raising capital is a ruthlessly difficult process and one a venture-class founder must master to survive...