Cofounder conflict at large

Every co-founder situation is different, but one common problem that keeps popping up revolves around how the founders engage in conflict: either not enough, or far too much.

Cofounder conflict & resolution

Cofounder conflict is natural and important, and all successful entrepreneurs fought and resolved conflict with their cofounders in the early days.

The founder dating playbook

Gloria Lin has gone on a lot of cofounder dates in the past year. As the first head of product at Flipboard and the first PM hire at Stripe, Lin’s seen founding teams in action — and knew what she was looking for as she set out to build a company of her own.

A case study in managing cofounder conflict

This case study deals with the a series of complex social conflicts arising from a precariously established company culture at the new and rapidly growing company, Box, Inc. in 2015.

Resolving cofounder conflicts

Most conflicts I see are a subset of all startup conflicts: the problems co-founders can’t resolve and they bring to a trusted 3rd party, in this case, an investor.