What is authentic leadership?

Whether you’ve recently been promoted to a management position, or, you’ve become the founder of your own startup; it can be difficult to understand what “Authentic leadership” is. Learn more about the attributes of authentic leadership and how to implement it.

Why authenticity is a key ingredient to success?

Authenticity is a key ingredient in running a successful business and leading a great team. These six tips will help ensure you're keeping it real as an authentic entrepreneur.

Authentic leadership

has to be learned

A leader in times of crisis can’t have an iota of fakeness in him. He has to know himself­­ ­— and like himself ­­­— so that he can be straight with the world, energize followers, and lead with the authority born of authenticity.

Leadership is key to winning cultures and entrepreneurial success

Startup founders and leaders are responsible for building culture, trust and demonstrating authentic leadership. Expressing yourself and your values builds a compelling environment for work, innovation, and ... 

Authentically curious founders

To scale as your startup grows, Authenticity has to flow through everything you learn or do. The greatest founders that become world-class leaders and CEOS are learning machines — They are genuinely authentic students of people, systems and markets